Basic First Aid

Basic First Aid training for anyone

CPD Certified Online Training Approved by Skills for Care

Basic First Aid at a glance

  • 3-year nationally recognised certificate
  • 3 hours and 11 minutes of engaging video training
  • Video access for 8 months
  • Printable wall certificate
  • CPD time credit conformation
  • Follows latest UK Resuscitation and ERC guidelines
  • Includes manual & other downloads
  • Free weekly video refresher
  • Evidence Based Training certificate
  • 100% online or add a skill session with a certified instructor
  • Videos include subtitles
  • Course manual available in the following languages: English, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Arabic
£24.95 + VAT

Don't be misled by the word "basic." This course covers some of the most important first aid skills you can learn, including recovery position, CPR, choking, bleeding, shock, burns and more!

Basic First Aid is aimed where training is needed that does not comply with HSE rules but does cover first aid subjects with no set minimum time requirements making it a flexible course for all. The course covers primary and some secondary skills allowing the flexibility to add extra subjects where needed. This course does not cover workplace training where the EFAW, FAW and Appointed Person course is better suited.

All our first aid courses fully meet the latest UK and European Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2015.

  • Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • School receptionists
  • Individuals wanting basic First Aid
  • Supplementing existing training
  • Refreshing training
  • Non-workplace training

This course comes with 4.0 hours of CPD, although the time to complete the course online may be less than this. Total course time includes 3 hours and 11 minutes of video training as well as knowledge reviews, final test, remedial help and reviewing downloaded material.

The content of this and all our courses has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and come with a Certified CPD Statement as well as a ProTrainings Certificate and for online courses an Evidence Based Learning statement.

Below is the content of the online course. Classroom courses may vary slightly.

    • Introductory First Aid Training
      • Fears of First Aid
      • Asking Permission to Help
      • Scene Safety
      • Chain of Survival
      • DRAB
      • Initial Assessment
      • Stop Think Act
      • Barriers
      • Face Shields
    • Cardiac Arrest
      • Adult CPR
      • Child CPR
      • CPR Hand Over
      • Compression-Only CPR
      • AED Introduction
      • Heart Attack
    • Choking Training
      • Conscious Adult & Child Choking
      • Unconscious Adult & Child Choking
    • Bleeding Control
      • Types of Bleeding
      • Serious Bleeding
      • Embedded Objects
      • Minor Injuries
      • Applying Plasters
      • Other Types of Injury
    • Other medical conditions
      • Spinal Injury
      • Burns
      • Shock
      • Epilepsy
      • Adult Seizures
      • Allergic Reactions & Anaphylaxis
      • Stroke
      • Spinal Recovery Position
      • Burns and Burns Kits
      • Treating a burn with Clingfilm
      • Electrical injuries
      • Blisters
      • Fainting
      • Asthma
    • First Aid Plus Student Manual Version V7.1 - 2015 guidelines with ERC first aid changes
    • Polish Student Manual - Pierwsza Pomoc w Pracy Ksiazka studenta V7.0 - 2015 guidelines
    • Russian Student Manual V7.0
    • EmergencySMS service leaflet
    • AED infographic will guide you through the steps
    • Adult CPR Flowchart
    • Adult CPR Flowchart handout/poster
    • Anatomy and Physiology Human Body Picture Reference Book Student Manual V7.0
    • Arabic Student First Aid Manual V7.0
    • Asthma UK weblink
    • CAT Tourniquet instruction leaflet
    • Child CPR Flowchart
    • Child CPR Flowchart handout/poster
    • Clean hand techniques leaflet
    • EpiPen Guide
    • EpiPen Patient information leaflet
    • EpiPen patient information sheet
    • Epilepsy Action leaflet
    • Epilepsy and education – information for parents leaflet
    • Epilepsy facts and figures leaflet
    • Epilepsy in Action Leaflet (register on
    • Find a classroom course locally
    • Find out what other courses are available as video online, blended and classroom courses nationally on our course finder
    • First Aid Student Manual - Welsh
    • Free student first aid program leaflet
    • HeartSine 350 Information Leaflet
    • Home Emergency Contact Sheet
    • How to register to call EMS by text
    • How to use Celox Haemstatic gauze
    • Infant CPR Flowchart
    • Infant CPR Flowchart handout/poster
    • Jext Product Data Sheets
    • Jext patient Information Sheet
    • Lifepac CR2 AED Data Sheet
    • Link to HeadSmart website
    • Link to our Concussion ad Brain injury course in association with Headway, a head injury charity
    • Meningitis Now website with many leaflets and resources link
    • NHS Choices Web link
    • Nilaqua Hand Wash leaflet
    • Personal Medical Information Sheet
    • ProTrainings Defibrillator eGuide
    • Sign up for free Student First Aid - use code SCH-376-61-571
    • Spanish general student manual V7.0
    • UK Resus Council 2015 Guidelines updated 2015 Link
    • Visit the First Aid Show free for first aid and medical videos
    • Web link to the Joint Epilepsy Council website - JEC
    • Workplace Accident Book
    • Workplace Emergency Contact Sheet

    What People are Saying

    “I need a basic first aid for my job and this is perfect. Rather than call around and try and get on a course during my time off or weekends, I can just go online with”

    - Nick, construction from uk

    “I needed to do a BLS course for professional requirements. I found no 'hands on' courses that I could attend locally (within 100 miles!) but this course exceeded my expectations, gave me confidence to give first aid (even though I had done full training a few years ago), and fulfilled all of my needs. An excellent and thorough course that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, highly recommended.”