Course Introduction

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Welcome to ProTrainings' Basic First Aid Online Course

Course Overview

This online course provides essential first aid training, suitable for anyone keen to learn first aid skills from home.

Interactive Learning Experience

  • Engage with a series of instructional videos.
  • Test your knowledge with review questions.
  • Conclude with a short test to earn your certification.

Flexible and Accessible

Resume the course at your convenience and revisit videos anytime. Accessible on various devices including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Enhanced Learning Features

Pin videos for multitasking, read supplementary text, and utilize subtitles (CC) for improved understanding.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

Get additional help for challenging questions and explore numerous resources on our course homepage. Our courses are regularly updated with new material.

Certification and CPD Credits

Upon completion, receive a certificate, CPD statement, and evidence-based learning statement. Validate your certification through a QR code.

Corporate Training Solutions

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Ongoing Support

Receive weekly emails with fresh content, new video updates, and blog news. Opt in or out according to your preference.


Thank you for choosing ProTrainings for your Basic First Aid training. We are committed to providing you with comprehensive support throughout your learning journey. Good luck!