Basic First Aid Course Overview

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ProTrainings Basic First Aid Course: Comprehensive Overview

Course Structure and Accessibility

Delve into our structured training course, comprising various categories with numerous instructional videos. Each category is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in first aid.

Interactive Video Tutorials

Engage with our video tutorials at your own pace. You have the freedom to pause, rewatch, and absorb information thoroughly.

Course Content and Topics

The course is meticulously divided into several key sections, each focusing on different aspects of first aid.

Fears of First Aid and Safety Procedures

  • Understanding common fears associated with first aid.
  • Learning scene safety measures.
  • Comprehending DRAB and the ABCDs of first aid.
  • Utilizing face shields and conducting initial assessments.
  • Mastering the recovery position.

Cardiac Problems and Heart Health

  • Adult and child CPR techniques.
  • Recognizing and responding to heart attacks.
  • Effective use of AEDs.
  • Approaches for drowning and compression-only CPR.
  • Knowing when to call for medical assistance.

Choking Management

  • Identification of choking incidents.
  • Response techniques for adult and child choking.
  • Emergency procedures for choking situations.

Bleeding and Medical Problem Management

  • Methods to manage and control bleeding.
  • Handling medical emergencies like anaphylaxis and spine injuries.
  • Addressing burns, stroke, asthma, and fainting.

Continuous Course Updates

Stay informed with the latest in first aid through our regularly updated course material.

Support and Assistance

For any queries, feel free to reach out via phone, email, or our online chat service available on our website.


We welcome you to embark on this journey to becoming a proficient first aider with ProTrainings. Your proactive learning could save lives.